Monday, 27 April 2009

roof styles

Thank you very much for all the caravan information it was fantastic.
We did an experiment last week to work out which roof would be better for the scottish weather (it rains alot!) We decided a pointed roof was better as the water runs down the side and a flat roof would be good in Malta as it doesn't rain as much. We looked at a photograph of Malta and alot of roofs are flat.
We have been making caravans at home to show the rest of the class and we had great fun. We will send photographs of them next week.
Have any of you ever slept on the beach?
From Primary 2

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Caravan Site in Malta

The caravan site was found in 1978, at Għadira Bay in Mellieħa. At first people used to camp on the sandy beach during the summer holidays, but soon it was discovered that it was not hygenic to spend all the summer holidays in a camp, without adequate facilities. So the government decided that camping on the beach was prohibited and the first caravans were to be seen on the ground. Later on, even small bungalows were built.
It is a very nice area where the sandy beach can be seen and reached. Nearby there is the Nature Reserve.
My name is Natalia and during the summer, I spend my holidays in one of these bungalows. I go to swim everyday. In the evening, we have a lovely time with my family and friends. We organise a lot of barbeques and we play many wonderful games. Sometimes we invite friends to spend their day at the bungalow with us. In the morning we go for a swim, then we have lunch, in the afternoon we have a nice siesta and in the evening after dining, we go for a nice walk by the beach. We stop for an ice cream and admire the beautiful scene during night time. Many people organise barbeques on the beach, during the weekend. Summertime is really perfect because I enjoy myself a lot. It's time for relaxation and having fun. Sometimes, during winter, we also go at the bungalow to spend a day or two. It is another atmosphere, above us a nice green area and a more quiet place. I like our bungalow because I spend a happy time with my family.
Natalia Mizzi

All about Scotland

We have just come back from a 2 week holiday for Easter - we all had lots of chocolate eggs.

Thank you for the information about caravans. We have had another look at all your questions and we would like to answer "why we like scotland".

We love Scotland because it is a nice place. Edinburgh is our capital city and it has an old castle and a train station where you can buy nice cookies!

We also have amazing montains and hills which are covered in snow all year round!

We all have a scottish accent which can be difficult to understand sometimes.

What do you like about Malta.

From Primary 2

Friday, 3 April 2009

Re Caravans

Wow what a sweet photo... you look like a smart lot!

Yes, we do have a site with static caravans here in Malta. We will send more information about caravans in Malta soon. But please do remember that Malta is a very, very, very small island and the sea is only a few minutes drive away from where we live.